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I'm Krystal Hardy Allen,  Founder & CEO of K. Allen Consulting, and am excited to share the incredible news of my first book's release. As a former school principal and teacher, current full-time education and management consultant, and now published author, this text has been a true labor of love.

As a native of historic Selma, Alabama, I grew up in a space where discourse of social justice advocacy and activism was as normal for me as learning how to read a map.

In a sea of diversity, equity, and inclusion dialogue, this book bridges the gap between theory and action between the "what" and "how" of understanding, embracing, and applying DEI. Within this text, I share not only my subject matter expertise, but lived experiences from my own journey as a first generation college graduate, a Black female educator, an educational leader, a charter school board member, an education consultant, an education advocate and philanthropist, and also a governing member of various education nonprofit boards.

Whether you are a principal, a teacher, a superintendent, an instructional coach, a school board member, or any other form of educational leader or practitioner, this book is for you.

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Available for Pre-Order Now

What Goes Unspoken: How School Leaders Address DEI Beyond Race

With this resource, you'll learn how to ensure that DEI is embedded in your strategic planning to create schools and education organizations that are transformative, inclusive, and equitable for both children and adults.

Focusing on ten specific domains of school leadership and district operations―including school board governance, finance, community engagement, instruction, school culture, and more―this book shows you exactly how to shift from theory to action. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in trainings and initiatives that are often piecemeal, abstract, or at times ineffective, it's essential that leaders learn practical steps to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at the district, school, and classroom levels.

Drawing on my own school leadership and international educational consultant experience, I teach you how to: 


Barnes & Noble states that "What Goes Unspoken" is a must-have guide for any school or educational systems leader looking to comprehend and put into play an effective, equity-centered plan that champions students, teachers, and staff. Moving beyond the abundant resources that focus on DEI theories, author Krystal Hardy Allen shows leaders and administrators how to concretely center DEI within both practices and policies, as well as how to do the interpersonal work of becoming a self-aware and equity-focused leader.

​In the current cultural and sociopolitical climate, What Goes Unspoken is a must-read for leaders and administrators of public and private schools, as well as district personnel and educational leadership training programs.

Empty Classroom

Touré Folkes, Founder & Program Director

The work that we have been able to do with our organization and partners have helped us to bring DEI more intentionally into our cultural framework.  Krystal is extremely engaging and sets the tone for conversations that lead to change within individuals in their daily life and how we navigate spaces.


Hilah Barbot, Senior Product Manager

K. Allen Consulting designed a custom sequence of workshops for our global organization. She did a phenomenal job designing sessions that were inclusive of a variety global perspectives and “lifted us all higher”. We’ve now got a bank of resources and road map to becoming the anit-racist organization we set out to be!


Rhonda Kalifey-Aluise, Executive Director

Krystal Allen brings an understanding and deep love for humanity-with its flaw and messiness-to every moment of this work. With her unique ability to connect with people, Krystal opens eyes, challenges mindsets, and awakens new ways of thinking in everyone she teaches. I have no doubt that her diversity, equity, and inclusion work with our schools has helped us better deliver on our promises to children. I am also personally eternally grateful to Krystal for the lessons she continues to teach me.

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